The trait values that you enter are statistically compared with verified genotypes collected at a set of microsatellite markers in each RI set. The markers are drawn from a set of over 750, but for each set redundant markers have been removed, preferentially retaining those that are most informative.

These error-checked RI mapping data match theoretical expectations for RI strain sets. The cumulative adjusted length of the RI maps are approximately 1400 cM, a value that matches those of both MIT maps and Chromosome Committee Report maps. See our full description of the genetic data collected as part of the WebQTL project.

About Your Data

You can open a separate window giving the number of strains for each data set and sample data.

None of your submitted data is copied or stored by this system except during the actual processing of your submission. By the time the reply page displays in your browser, your submission has been cleared from this system.

Trait Submission Form

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Paste or Type Multiple Values: You can enter data by pasting a series of numbers representing trait values into this area. The values can be on one line separated by spaces or tabs, or they can be on separate lines. Include one value for each individual or line. Use an "x" for missing values. If you have chosen a set of inbred strains, then your data will be displayed in a form in which you can confirm and/or edit. If you enter a file name in the previous section, any data that you paste here will be ignored. Check sample data for the correct format.

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